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Red Standard Poodles Puppies Available

Red Standard Poodles Puppies for sale in Virginia. We are a family that shares a remarkable love for dogs. Our Standard Red Poodles are part of the family. We are home-raised breeders of high-quality Rare Red Standard Poodles and Labradoodles. We are a happy family that loves raising Standard Poodles and Labradoodles and breeding our dogs in our homes. We have over 20 years of breeding experience. Our dogs are part of the family. Our Standard Red Poodles have their bedrooms and their place in our kitchen for all meals and snacks. We strive on providing all our Standard Poodles and their puppies with individualized care and attention. We know and love each of our Standard Poodles dearly. We love how the Standard Poodles are so loyal to their people. Our Standard Poodles are energetic and playful in the backyard, but generally calm and relaxed in the house. They seem to know what you're thinking, and their perceptive eyes are always ready to comfort or cheer you.Elevate your well-being withGood4UHealth, where health and happiness meet.

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We have Red Standard Poodle puppies. Born May 29, 2023

We have Red Standard Poodle puppies. Born May 29, 2023

Two Litters born on May 29, 2023

We are excited to announce Mama Gracie and Daddy Braze'sbeautiful litter of Deep Dark Red puppies 2 males and 5 red females.

Mama Pepper and Daddy Braze's Beautiful litter of 7 males reds and 1 female. She had 1 black male, 1 red female, and 6 red males.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Socialization

    Your puppy is being raised with a family! They're getting to know other dogs, and being held by kids and adults! There are sure to be tears on our end on the go-home day - so please be sure to send pictures of your pup's new life with you!

  • How are the puppies raised?

    We raise our puppies carefully and with a lot of love! We raise the puppies as a family. When one of our Mama poodles is giving birth, this human Mama stays keeps a close eye on her. I offer her food and water and am as involved as Poodle Mama wants me to be. Sometimes that's very involved, helping her clean each puppy when it's born, and sometimes that's not at all involved.

    Family members are there eagerly waiting to hold the pups from the moment the pups are born! The kids hold the puppies frequently and play with them often as the puppies grow up. Our Mamas poodles raise their puppies in our puppy nursery.

    We strive to give the puppies a healthy start by keeping them current with their deworming and vaccinations. We also make sure our puppies have an eight-week vet check before they come home to you.

  • How do I buy a puppy?

    You've looked at the puppies' photos, and you've watched and re-watched their little videos. You got your significant other to agree (probably the hardest part of this whole process, right?), and now you're wondering what to do next! We love getting to know our Pup's new families - and we can't wait to meet you! Here is how the process will go.

    1. Reach out to us! Send us an email, shoot us a text, or give us a call (and don't forget to leave a message if we miss your call!). Let us know which puppy, or puppies you have your eye on. And please tell us a little about yourself! We want to make sure the puppy and you are well-matched so that you can look forward to many wonderful years together! Tell us why you want a Poodle, and what your hopes and dreams are for your life with your new pet! Are you looking for a couch potato or a hiking buddy? Poodles can usually adapt to both lifestyles (providing they have ample space to run most days).

    ​2. We will write or call you back. And then we get to know each other! We will answer any questions you have, and we will probably have a question or two for you.

    ​3. Once we are both comfortable with each other we will ask you to decide for sure which puppy you'd like and ask you to place a deposit to reserve your puppy.

    4. After we receive your deposit, we will send you emails with information, links to our favorite products, and our health guarantee and contract.

    5. Puppy comes home day! Whether we are meeting you at a mutually agreed-on location, or you're flying into Virginia and we're meeting in the airport, or we are flying the puppy to you - this is the moment you've been waiting for!

    6. Please keep us updated! We love getting pictures, videos, and updates of your beloved new family member!

  • How do I care for my puppy?

    As a responsible pet owner, you want to ensure that your Poodle or Labadoodle is well taken care of, and we are here to help you with that.

    Read our article with much more detail!

  • Should I hire a groomer for my puppy?

    There are several reasons to consider hiring a professional dog groomer, and you may find that doing so will save you time and effort.

    Check out our article which outlines a few suggestion for getting your dog professionally groomed.

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